But what united all of the recipients was one single theme:

It is a dangerous time for anyone who speaks truth to power in India,” said Aakar Patel of Amnesty India.According to Reporters Without Borders, in the first six months of 2018, at least four journalists have been killed in India and at least three more have been physically attacked.Several other journalists have received threats for journalism that is critical of the State. In August, two journalists were arrested in a nationwide crackdown on human rights defenders, Amnesty India said in a statement.”Journalism cannot be suppressed by those refusing to acknowledge the truth,” Patel said, adding, “This occasion is also a good time to call for investigations into all attacks on journalists.”Amnesty India said Lankesh’s killing is part of a growing pattern of attacks on journalists in the country.The SIT got a breakthrough in its probe when a Gujarat based forensic lab confirmed that Parashuram Waghmare shot and killed her.The SIT, formed by then chief minister Siddaramaiah, has arrested suspected mastermind Amol Kale and shooter Parashuram Waghmare, among others.A few others are yet to be nabbed. Sanatan Sanstha has claimed that those arrested were not its members.Investigations revealed that Lankesh was among 26 people including Prof K S Bhagwan, Girish Karnad and Chandrashekar Patil, were in rightwing extremists’ list, as they were critical of Hindutva ideology.Kavitha Lankesh has said rightwing outfit Sanatan Sanstha should be treated like any other terrorist organisation if its involvement in killings of rationalists, including that of Narendra Dabholkar, was proved.In a counter move, members of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, some of them lawyers fighting for the accused, have criticised the SIT for invoking Karnataka Control of Organised Crime Act against the accused..

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