“It was great to see him training in those environments

(Image: Getty Images Europe)Get Sport updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeScott Lloyd used to watch 10 year old Andy Murray working tirelessly on his tennis skills at one of the luxury health clubs he owned on the outskirts of Glasgow.But he remembers just as clearly watching countless more kids using chalk to sketch out makeshift courts on their streets replica designer bags at the height of Wimbledon fortnight.Sadly, the closest most of them would come to taking up the sport.Now, as the recently appointed chief executive of the Lawn Tennis Association, Lloyd is in a position to draw on both memories to ensure one brings an end to the other.It’s the job of Lloyd’s organisation, in partnership with Tennis Scotland, to seize on leading light Murray capturing their imagination and open the door for them to follow their hero’s lead.Which makes days like today at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena an important investment in the future when 3000 schoolkids arrive to watch Great Britain’s Davis Cup team being put through their paces.1000 free Davis Cup tickets to give away here’s how to claim YOURS for the Glasgow eventLloyd said: “I remember Andy as a young boy because he used to train at the David Lloyd club in Renfrew and the Next Generation club in Edinburgh, both of which I was involved in (as CEO).”It was great to see him training in those environments, committing to the sport at that early age. And he has gone on to be a real force for good for our sport, hopefully for decades to come.”But I also have memories of kids drawing chalk lines on the street during Wimbledon.”One of the things I’m keen to do is ensure tennis is not seen as a sport that starts and ends with Wimbledon in July.”We can start by using events like this to bring new fans to fall in love with the game. That’s why we wanted to open up the team’s training session today and build the excitement towards the weekend.The Davis Cup was a huge success in Glasgow three years ago”We’re giving tickets to 3000 local children from over 60 schools around Scotland to see the session.

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