When these types of things happen

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Loitering at the front of the boarding line before your section has been called causes delays for those passengers attempting to board at their designated time. Anxiously pacing doesn’t get you on the plane any faster and irritates fellow travelers. Use the overhead bin directly above your seat when possible.

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It’s like, oh yeah, maybe this is possible. Not the marriage part, but the love and acceptance part. You know? I want a kid to see it. OK, that’s a movie where you know you’re gonna leave the cinema smiling like a moron, with a renewed faith in mankind. And sure enough, the movie shows how Betty Anne, a single mother working as a waitress, put herself through law school, spent 18 years trying to clear her brother’s name, and finally succeeded. She was so convinced her brother was innocent that, using previously overlooked DNA evidence, she managed to overturn his convic ohhhh, we just got the name of the movie..

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