Now, she lives fully in her identity, and still comes to

2018 Inclusion Award legacy winners

moncler outlet store A few months ago, a young transgender woman found refuge in Library 21C, where Inside Out Youth Services hosts a satellite program. According to executive director Jessie Pocock, this young woman was undoubtedly “in crisis,” and in desperate need of an understanding adult. Thankfully, the satellite program exists to help youth just like her. moncler outlet store

“Up in north Colorado Springs,” Pocock says, “it’s really important to create some visibility and support and awareness for the young folks who may be LGBTQ or questioning in that area.” Not every youth can access Inside Out’s downtown location, and the Northside (also the home of Focus on the Family) historically monlcer down jackets hasn’t offered much access to resources for LGBTQ youth youth like this young woman.

She came from a very religious family who didn’t accept her for who she was, and she was on the verge of hurting herself, possibly even ending her own life. But because Inside Out had a presence moncler sale outlet in that library, they were able to connect her with crisis services. Now, she lives fully in her identity, and still comes to Inside Out regularly. “She has grown so tremendously,” Pocock says proudly.

She is one of many LGBTQ youth (200 last year, according to Pocock) who access Inside Out’s services, either at the satellite location or its headquarters downtown. And stories like hers have played moncler outlet store out thousands of times at this nearly 30 year old organization.

moncler outlet jackets When Regina Dipadova founded Inside Out in 1990, it was in the heyday of Focus on the Family and Colorado Springs’ reputation as a city of hate. Though society has changed since then, the services Inside Out provides are no less valuable. moncler outlet jackets

It’s the only organization of its kind in Colorado Springs, and one of the few LGBTQ organizations at all in the area, which means schools, counselors and families come to them for guidance on issues ranging from suicide prevention and housing for homeless kids, to anti drug education and trauma recovery.

“Our work is really, really dynamic,” Pocock says. “Because we deal with youth who are facing just so many issues.” Homelessness, drug use and abuse, bullying and other issues affect LGBTQ youth at higher rates than their heterosexual and cisgender peers, and Pocock says that half of the young people who walked through their doors in 2017 had attempted or considered suicide.

moncler outlet uk Pocock, who has been executive director for about six months, says she’s still learning “a lot about who [these youth] are, and what they’re facing, and what it looks like, now that I’m on the inside of Inside Out.” moncler outlet uk

moncler sale Formerly the Southern Colorado organizer for One Colorado (an LGBTQ advocacy organization) and currently vice chair moncler outlet online of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Pocock has worked with Inside Out closely over the years, and moncler outlet sale says that she has big plans for its future growth. moncler sale

A facility of their own may be on the horizon, plus a larger staff, and a satellite program at Fountain Library, similar to the program they run at Library 21C.

Studies have shown that if a child has one trusted adult cheap moncler jackets in their life, they are more likely to overcome suicidal thoughts long enough to get help. “If we can put one of those adults in Library 21C,” Pocock says, “or in the cheap moncler outlet Fountain Library, and build relationships with youth where they might not have other trusted adults they can go to with their sexuality or their gender https://www.newmoncleroutlet.com identity, then our work can literally be life saving.”

moncler jacket sale Every morning when Shawna Kemppainen, executive director of Urban Peak, drives to work, she sees people experiencing homelessness walking near the adult shelters on and around Tejon Street. She says the sight can be heartbreaking. moncler jacket sale

Even so, it is moncler outlet this daily experience that reminds her of the importance of her work; the importance of ensuring that the kids who come to Urban Peak for help will have a different future.

cheap moncler “My drive comes from my drive [to work] every day, coincidentally,” she says. cheap moncler

moncler outlet online Urban moncler sale Peak, whose Colorado Springs chapter was established in 2000, isn’t just a shelter for homeless youth, but a place for them to access resources, mentorship and intervention, with the hope of getting them on track to establishing a successful future. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler jackets sale “There’s so much going on in your life from that age, 15 to 24,” Kemppainen says, “that you are trying to integrate all the different pieces of yourself, basically trying to include yourself in who you’re becoming. And then you’re trying to fit all of that into trying to be part of the community.” cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler sale outlet That fight can be hard enough on its own, but factoring in difficult financial circumstances, familial rejection and other outside pressures, what happens during these formative years can drastically alter the course of a person’s life. moncler sale outlet

Though Kemppainen never set out to work primarily with young people, she has found herself drawn to youth causes, and spent three years as executive director of Inside Out Youth Services before moving on to Urban Peak five years ago.

moncler outlet sale In part, she says, her work with LGBTQ youth especially allows her to address her own traumas from her childhood, to figure out: “What do I need to heal in myself from back then?” But mostly she recognizes how important it is to intercept youth at this cheap moncler coats stage of their lives, and help them learn necessary skills to build their own future. Oftentimes, they can’t rely on the adults in their lives to help. moncler outlet sale

According to Kemppainen, one third of the youth who visit Urban Peak are homeless because their family rejected them after they came out as LGBTQ homeless because of another person’s prejudice.

moncler jackets outlet This is one of many things Kemppainen wants to see change. “I would one day love to drive toward being able to do that wider upstream work of helping families understand how their behaviors impact a young person when they come out,” she says. “Because there’s a lot of good education work that can be done there.” moncler jackets outlet

However, Urban Peak’s efforts typically go toward helping the youth already facing crises. Their overarching vision: To ensure that every youth that comes to them can get the care they need within 24 hours. It’s a lofty ambition, moncler mens jackets to be sure, but Kemppainen knows the community is capable of supporting them in that effort.

cheap moncler jackets She says that partnerships, or at least potential partnerships, are everywhere. cheap moncler jackets

moncler factory outlet “The thing that I’ve most learned, even Moncler Outlet just in the past few years,” she says, “is that word ‘partnership’ is not just a nice nonprofit business buzzword.. I’ve had the good fortune of actually meeting and getting to know people who [are] for real. They are in it with us.” moncler factory outlet

So in the ongoing fight for equality, Kemppainen says we should be asking ourselves one question: “How can we do this together?”

cheap moncler outlet Former Colorado Springs Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace (who served in the office from 1997 to 2003) recognizes that a proclamation is just a piece of paper. But back when she signed Colorado Springs’ first ever pride proclamation, acknowledging Pride Month, that piece of paper held far more significance. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats “It was, I think, the first time that I really stood up publicly for gay rights in this community,” she says. cheap moncler coats

Makepeace admits that she “gulped” before signing the proclamation, because she knew it would cause tension in our conservative city, but still she did what she thought was right. “I firmly believe that elected officials are in place to serve the cheap moncler citizens of whatever entity they’re representing,” she says, and she has always included the LGBTQ community in that belief. That first year, protesters flocked to the pride celebration. The second year, she noticed fewer. By the third year, it was just a “little band of people on the corner, telling me I was going to hell, but that was it. Everybody else buy moncler jackets just kept on with their lives and it wasn’t earth shaking anymore.”

Since then, Makepeace has contributed to our local LGBTQ community in myriad ways. Most notably, after she left office, she became executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, and helped that fund contribute millions of dollars to local nonprofits.

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