(Additional reporting by James Cordahi in Dubai and Richard

Things I do to fight motion sickness:I mostly avoid any VR experience where you walk around inside VR. Moving around inside imaginary vehicles is less nauseating because your brain kind of expects the mismatch between what it feels and what it sees in a vehicle. Games where you stay in one spot as things happen around you are my favorite.If the game is doing a cutscene transition or if I need to move my real body for a moment, I close my eyes to avoid the sight/feeling mismatchI also close my eyes when putting on or adjusting the headset because I don’t like the way the world jumps around when I jostle the hardware.If I’m feeling weird after a session I do stuff like stand on one foot, stretch my arms out and try to touch my nose like at a DUI checkpoint, move my eyes to all four corners of a wall.

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