They found a slew of armed anti government militia groups

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Replica Designer Handbags In February, member Robert Goodwill was recorded talking to a man who argued that all American Muslims should be killed.”We’re not there yet,” Goodwill told the man.The official Act for America “March Against Sharia” Facebook page is also rife with vile memes and comments denigrating Muslims.’March Against Sharia’ Rallies Draw DiverseHate And Extremist GroupsThe convergence of anti Muslim groups and other fringe organizations is a growing phenomenon, the Southern Poverty Law Center noted.SPLC trawled through all the local “March Against Sharia” Facebook groups and compiled replica bags online pakistan an extensive list of extremist groups and white supremacists who said they will be showing up at the marches on Saturday.They found a slew of armed anti government militia groups,some with histories of threatening government officials. The groups claim they’ll be providing “security” at the rallies, which means they’ll likely show up with guns. Often called “Patriot”groups, theyinclude the Oathkeepers, the III Percenters and American Civil Defense.In Texas, members of the groupSons of Odin will be attending the Houston event. replica bags vuitton Replica Designer Handbags

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