Word doing the rounds in Chhapra is that some constables seek

From Danny Carlson: Vikings have had a number of the missed opportunity that could have won it games (last minute drive against LAR, Green Bay field goal debacle, turnovers against New Orleans). Same was true vs. Chicago. You are the ones climbing poles, and they call me a polariser,” he tries his shot at some wan humour, which goes unnoticed by the crowd.While the public has a thin veil of saffron above their heads against the merciless sun, the policemen stand guard for hours without any sort of shelter.Word doing the rounds in Chhapra is that some constables seek medical certificates that declare them medically unfit because they can’t cope with the pressures of endless hours of campaigning with the netas!Please click NEXT to read more.Ja ke keh do sholo se aur chingari seKamal khiley hai taiyaari se.(Go spread the word that the lotus will bloom would be a poor translation of that couplet.)Bharat Kumar Yadav, an avowed supporter of Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Yadav, is among the crowd. Astutely aware of politics, he says he has attended a few meetings addresses by Lalu Yadav, but this is the first time he has come to a BJP rally.”Only because of Modi. I wanted to see what he is like, what his thoughts are because it seems quite certain he will be the next PM,” says Bharat Yadav, who will vote for the RJD.Lalu Yadav, barred from contesting this election because of his conviction in the fodder scam, has won Chhapra four times.

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