Faith in your “gods” has done anything BUT make the world a

Another Attack in england

canada goose uk outlet Ivan Todposted 17 months agoin reply to this canada goose uk outlet

The NAFTA superhighway; The NAFTA, illegally signed into affect by Bill Clinton, makes securing our borders impossible, at least from Canada and Mexico. Part of it is that any Mexican or Canadian trucks on that highway can be stopped but not searched. So, those trucks can be filled with illegals but there’s nothing that can be done about it. This being the case, and it is, Trumps’ wall will do nothing to stop illegal immigration. And don’t forget the fact that any terrorists (Musslim or other) can enter America through the same means.

So, stopping illegal immigration is more like stopping ants from infesting your house; you have to stop them canada goose outlet london at the source. In the case of ants, kill the queen: in the case of musslim terrorists, get rid of their, in which you have to kill the purpose, which is their religion.

Can eliminating a religion eliminate the subsequent terrorism? Yes, but only to the extent canada goose outlet store quebec that another religion will canada goose outlet vancouver fill the void. So, in order to rid the world of any religious based terrorism the need to eliminate all religions would exist. Is that canada goose parka outlet uk possible? Not canada goose outlet store uk anytime soon but maybe sometime in the future when mankind finally realizes the absurdity. Then we’ll only have governmental terrorism to worry about.

Violent crimes and wars are also due to misunderstanding and misinterpreting: ” G O D ”

Canada Goose Outlet Would God as a force/source of love/joy really want us to be conquest https://www.canadagoosejacketsforcheap.com ing over others? Canada Goose Outlet

At some point all countries and people need to live and canada goose jacket outlet sale let live! And have respect!1 defeat, vanquishment, annihilation, overthrow, subjugation, rout, mastery, crushing; victory over, triumph over.4 catch, acquisition, prize, slave; admirer, fan, worshiper; lover, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Nathanvilleposted 17 months agoin reply to this

Ahorseback, on the contrary, most wars in the past 1,500 years have been religious related. Also, your broad statement holds little water when you consider that Europe is one of the least religious places on Earth, yet the violent crimes in Europe is no more than violent crimes in the USA where religion is far higher. a 10% swing from Conservative (Capitalist) Government to Labour, leaving Labour needing just a 3% swing in their favour at the next General Election (which is easily achievable under British Politics). Labour’s success being in spite of the fact that the Labour Parties current leader is the most radical extreme left wing socialist labour leader we’ve had in the UK since 1945.

Canada Goose Online The direction of new liberal ideology is polluted by entitlement spending and amounts to one more directionless, failed socialism. Canada Goose Online

Why didn’t you leave the UK alone and move to the incredible successful socialism of Venezuela?

canada goose coats on sale Nathanvilleposted 17 months agoin reply to this canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats ahorseback. My feelings about Trump is the same as your feelings about Socialism in Europe; we are just two completely different cultures with polarized views. canada goose coats

I’m happy to be in a socialist Europe, you’re happy to be in a Capitalist America. So no problem as we are both happy in the countries we live.

canada goose uk black friday I’m willing to respect your culture in general, except for the guns issue (even if I don’t agree with it all). In that respect I am slowly learning from other Americans on these forums to better understand and appreciate the American culture. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose uk shop Are you willing to give Europe canada goose outlet michigan some respect (even if you don’t personally agree with everything), or is it your intent to continue to slam Europe’s cultural values at every opportunity? canada goose uk shop

cheap Canada Goose “Well another strange opinion heard from” cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets My opinion is only strange to you because it offends your decision to have faith cheap canada goose in something that has done the complete opposite of what you claim it would do. Faith in your “gods” has done anything BUT make the world a better, safer place. You are (purposefully or accidentally?) confusing eliminating religion with eliminating people, which are two totally different prospects. Eliminating People of a certain race is genocide and has nothing to do with eliminating religion itself. Let’s try a little critical thinking here, okay? You don’t need to murder people to get rid of religion. The judeo/christian bible (the greatest terrorism handbook ever written), even though its prime operational edict is one of “do as I say or be killed”, actually shows how to do canada goose outlet vip it goose outlet canada WITHOUT killing. The 40 years wandering in the desert was instituted to give enough time to alter the israelite way of thinking through age related attrition. The time in the desert allowed for the old ways to be slowly phased out and the new order phased in, with total effectiveness. Canada Goose Jackets

“The most violent crimes and wars in the world today are because of NOT ENOUGH FAITH AND BELIEF IN A GOD, ANY GOD ALL GODS!”.

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