Are you going to ask the government to call a joint session of

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moncler jackets mens Senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Indresh Kumar explains why the RSS wants the government to call an all party meeting and draft a strategy to deal with China.Could you tell us why have you asked the government to call an all party meeting and prepare a strategy to deal with China?What I said is to deal with China, we should, just like we did to deal with Pakistan’s attack and infiltration in 1965 by calling an all party meet under the leadership of (then prime minister) Lal Bahadur Shastri. Hindustan had achieved national unity and our objective successfully.And so in a similar manner to free all those territories of Hindustan under the occupation of China and Pakistan, Parliament should unanimously pass a resolution.All the political parties, instead of maligning, attacking each other, should in order to deal with China, come together and formulate strategies that will be coherent politically, socially, economically and nationally to safeguard every single inch of Bharat and to safeguard every citizen’s interests.To deal with foreign powers we must show a united face at such times.Are you going to ask the government to call a joint session of both Houses of Parliament?Not only the government of this country, but I will demand this of political leaders of all hues that in times of such threats we must deal with a united political face. That is the biggest necessity of the nation today.I feel that not only should I feel in such a way, but entire Hindustan should feel like that.Why do you feel that we are facing a 1965 like situation on our borders? Is it because of China’s recent transgressions in Ladakh?It may not have happened today, but there moncler jacket sale is a possibility of such a situation arising in the future. moncler jackets mens

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